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Drinking and waste water treatment

As a full-range supplier of standard chemicals for the chemical industry, it is important to us that we also supply companies in the water treatment segment with our products. For this reason, we have expanded our product portfolio to include the Water Treatment Division. In this area we offer you a large number of products for drinking water and waste water treatment. Upon request, we will be happy to promptly offer you the required products that are not included in our portfolio.

Standard packaging sizes

We make our products available to you in the concentrations and container sizes customary on the market and for all common industrial purposes. Our acids, lyes and heat transfer media are available in 20 l, 30 l, 60 l and 220 l plastic canisters as well as in IBCs with variable filling quantities. Standard container sizes of our solvents are 20 l, 30 l and 216 l metal or steel containers as well as IBCs, also with variable filling quantities.

The standard filling quantity of our solids is 25 kg, usually packed on pallets of 40 bags.

Customer manufacturing

As a service of our company, we offer you the opportunity to adapt our products individually to your needs. If our standard concentrations and container sizes are not usable / practicable for you, we will gladly manufacture the required products according to your individual specifications.

Please note that we have to calculate a minimum purchase quantity for individual customer productions. This is usually a complete pallet per product and container size.

Privat label

With our private label service, we offer our customers the opportunity to promote and sell high-quality chemicals and chemical products as well as products based on customer-specific mixtures and formulations under their own trade name.

Please let us know the desired products, stating the filling quantities, purchase quantities per delivery and the total annual quantity. After checking your information, we will be happy to make you an offer as soon as possible.

Filter & Clean

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Filter and cleaning systems

Industrial wastewater often contains different pollutants, each with different physical and chemical properties. These often require several water treatment and filtration processes to be carried out in succession. For example, activated carbon filters can be used in conjunction with biological or chemical-physical processes as part of a multi-stage water treatment system, whether as a pre-treatment, in-line or as a police filter. In sewage treatment technology, sand filters are used in a so-called sand trap. to further filter the pre-purified water. These settling tanks have the task of removing coarse particles such as stones, glass splinters or sand as well as coarse organic material that has not been sorted out beforehand. A distinction is made between the non-aerated long grit trap, the aerated long grit trap and the round grit trap.

Flocculation & Precipitation

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Flocculation and precipitation systems

Phosphate precipitation is an important step in chemical wastewater treatment in sewage treatment plants. The phosphates are removed by a chemical precipitation or flocculation process. The phosphate precipitation is partially triggered by the addition of aluminum or iron salts in the grit trap or in the secondary clarifier. The metal phosphate flakes that settle out during this secondary clarification are then removed from the wastewater together with the activated sludge. In contrast to phosphates, heavy metals contained in the wastewater are removed by heavy metal precipitation. The mostly acidic waste water containing heavy metals is neutralized by adding alkaline solutions, whereby the heavy metals are precipitated as hydroxides, i.e. bound to form hydroxide ions. The neutralizing agents used, such as caustic soda or milk of lime, are also the precipitating agents in this process.

Flocculation & Precipitation


Use of crystalline iron sulfate heptahydrate as a flocculant

Flocculation aids

Use of polyacrylamide for water-soluble polyelectrolytes

Protection & Disinfection

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Protection and disinfection systems

The disinfection of waste water is an important step in the treatment of drinking water and waste water. With chemical products such as hydrogen peroxide, waste water can be properly cleaned and disinfected in an environmentally friendly manner and returned to the natural water cycle. As a powerful oxidizing agent, hydrogen peroxide is used in pre-oxidation for algae control, precipitation of iron and manganese, and oxidation of many kinds of dissolved substances, both organic and inorganic. In addition, hydrogen peroxide is easily broken down into water and oxygen in biologically active wastewater. The release of oxygen can help reduce biological oxygen demand (BOD) by allowing aerobic bacteria to work more efficiently. This mechanism is particularly important in cases where there is oxygen starvation due to high biological oxygen demand/chemical oxygen demand (COD)/total organic carbon (TOC) and/or insufficient aeration. The use of peroxides is increasingly replacing chlorination as a recycling method.

Protection & Disinfection


Use of hydrogen peroxide for disinfection in water treatment

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MCAS is your go-to partner for wastewater treatment management. Along with offering the best chemicals and products for your corrosion control wastewater pretreatment process, our team has the expertise to make sure that you’re getting the perfect solution for your unique needs. Mcas offers a portfolio of products and systems designed to effectively meet the demands and challenges of treating water and wastewater. If you want to learn more about how we can help with the wastewater treatment process, or you’d like to discuss your needs in detail, please contact our MCAS team. We would appriciate to help you.