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Metal salt solutions for a wide range of industrial applications

Aqueous metal salt solutions have many applications in industry, due to their unique properties and reactivity with other substances. Some common applications of aqueous metal salt solutions in industry include metal plating, water treatment, etching, chemical synthesis or photography. In metal plating aqueous metal salt solutions are used as electrolytes in electroplating processes, where they deposit a layer of metal onto a surface. For example, copper sulfate solution can be used to create a copper coating on a metal surface. Aqueous metal salt solutions are used in water treatment processesas as coagulants, where they help to remove impurities from water by causing particles to clump together and settle out. Examples of metal salts used in water treatment include aluminum sulfate and ferric chloride. Further they can be used as etchants in metal etching processes, where they selectively remove portions of a metal surface. For example, ferric chloride solution is commonly used as an etchant for copper and other metals. Overall, aqueous metal salt solutions have a wide range of applications in industry, due to their ability to dissolve and react with other substances, and their unique properties as catalysts and electrolytes.

Standard packaging sizes

We make our products available to you in the concentrations and container sizes customary on the market and for all common industrial purposes. Our acids, lyes and heat transfer media are available in 20 l, 30 l, 60 l and 220 l plastic canisters as well as in IBCs with variable filling quantities. Standard container sizes of our solvents are 20 l, 30 l and 216 l metal or steel containers as well as IBCs, also with variable filling quantities.

The standard filling quantity of our solids is 25 kg, usually packed on pallets of 40 bags.

Customer manufacturing

As a service of our company, we offer you the opportunity to adapt our products individually to your needs. If our standard concentrations and container sizes are not usable / practicable for you, we will gladly manufacture the required products according to your individual specifications.

Please note that we have to calculate a minimum purchase quantity for individual customer productions. This is usually a complete pallet per product and container size.

Privat label

With our private label service, we offer our customers the opportunity to promote and sell high-quality chemicals and chemical products as well as products based on customer-specific mixtures and formulations under their own trade name.

Please let us know the desired products, stating the filling quantities, purchase quantities per delivery and the total annual quantity. After checking your information, we will be happy to make you an offer as soon as possible.

Acidic solutions

Acidic solutions

Iron sulfate solutions

Use of ferrous sulphate as a binder for hydrogen sulfide

Sodium bisulfite solutions

Use of sodium bisulfite in water treatment as a reducing agent for chlorine

Alkaline solutions

Neutral solutions

Discover our Aquous solutions

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