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As an innovative and modern distributor of chemicals and chemical products, we offer our customers the opportunity to order most of the industrially used standard chemicals in the usual industrial containers quickly and easily online via our chemicals portal. Here we set ourselves apart from our competitors due to our extensive online portfolio.

Services by MCAS

Our Services - Your Advantages

MCAS offers a complete product portfolio of industrial and specialty chemicals for all industrial applications. Our product portfolio covers all markets and enables us to supply our customers with the required products in a timely manner.

Product advice

For us, your customer satisfaction comes first. Therefore, we are glad to advise you in the search for alternative products, help you with problems with our expertise and support you in the implementation of new projects.

Online Ordering System

With our online shop, we offer the opportunity to order our products even outside our office hours. To be able to offer you an optimal product portfolio, our shop is regularly updated and expanded with new products.

Quarterly Market Outlook

As a special service for our registered customers, we offer a quarterly market outlook for the chemical industry. It contains information about the expected price development of important industrial chemicals for the following quarter.

Air freight

Sea freight

Land freight

In order to facilitate the search for required products, we have structured our products in close cooperation with our customers and assigned them to various industrial and application areas.

Our product portfolio covers all markets and enables us to promptly supply our customers with the products they need.

Delivery offers by MCAS

Your destination - Our place of delivery

In cooperation with our forwarding partners, we deliver your products to your desired destination. Whether air, sea or road freight, we would be happy to make you an offer for the products you need. Please note that all our product prices are EXW net prices plus transport costs.

Since it is our goal to build long-term cooperation with our customers, the greatest possible transparency is crucial for us. We therefore show the transport costs incurred as a separate item in our invoices. The shipping costs charged to us, as well as any additional costs incurred (document creation, packaging costs...) will be passed on to you one-to-one without a surcharge.


The calculation basis for determining the transport costs for delivery within Germany is kg against destination. In order to achieve the above-mentioned transparency, you will find our freight cost table here, which you can use to determine the freight costs incurred in advance.

If our freight costs exceed those of your forwarding agent, you are welcome to have your forwarding agent pick up the goods from our warehouse.


We would be happy to support you in handling deliveries by sea freight. The transport takes place in a sealed individual container (FCL = Full Container Load). Please note that the delivery costs incurred for a container are independent of the transported quantity, so the costs for a complete container are always calculated.

As standard, we offer delivery according to CIF (CIF = Cost Insurance Freight - costs, insurance and freight to the port of destination.


With a global network and state-of-the-art logistics solutions, we offer air freight products with comprehensive solutions for your transport needs.

We are able to take your cargo anywhere in the world. No matter which destination is to be reached in which time: Our main concern is to ensure that your transport runs smoothly.


Discover our Industrial chemicals

Industrial Chemicals by MCAS

Acids - Lyes - Solvents - Solids

We offer our customers a complete product portfolio of industrial and specialty chemicals for all industrial applications. Our product portfolio covers all markets and enables us to promptly supply our customers with the products they need.

Acids & Lyes

The acid and lye program from MCAS offers a diverse range for the most diverse areas of application such as metalworking, paper and plastics industries. Please explore ou products like Hydrochloric acids, Caustic sodas and many more.

Solvents & Benzins

MCAS offers a wide range of technical and pure solvents for production and cleaning in the chemical and technical industry. Our solvents are available in bulk quantities, standard industrial container sizes and in customized packaging solutions for your individual production requirements.

Solids & Metal Salts

The MCAS product portfolio includes a large number of metal salts and solids. These are used, among other things, as raw materials for coating systems, e.g. in chrome and galvanizing, but also as metal salt catalysts.

Discover our Heat Transfer Media

Heat Transfer Media by MCAS

Industry - Geothermy - Pharma - Food - Solar Thermal

Within our product range HEAT TRANSFER MEDIA, you will find various heat transfer media for all types of commercial and private use. We would be glad to inform you about our products and their use for e.g. Air conditioning systems, Cooling systems, Solar systems, etc.

Product line N

Heat Transfer Fluids for universal use

Our N product line heat transfer medium is used as a heat transfer medium in closed hot water heating systems or heat pumps. In addition, it is used as a cooling brine in technical cooling systems.

Product line L

Heat Transfer Fluids for the Pharma and Food Industry

With our L product line, we offer different concentrations of heat transfer fluids for the pharmaceutical and food industries. Areas of application for these products are e.g. breweries, dairies, ice cream factories, cold stores and fish processing plants.

Product line TERRA

Heat Transfer Fluids for Geothermal Energy

Our heat transfer fluids from the Terra product line for geothermal energy provide reliable protection against frost, corrosion, deposits, sludge and biofilms. Its ingredients are specially designed for use in heat pumps and geothermal probes.

Product line SOL

Heat Transfer Fluids for Solar Thermal

The heat transfer fluids in our SOL product line have been specially developed for solar thermal energy, particularly for use in flat-plate collectors and heat pipe systems.

Discover our Water Treatment Products

Water Treatment Products by MCAS

Flocculants - Flocculation aids - Activated carbons - Corrosion inhibitors

Steam boilers can scale up or corrode, and these deposits will mean more fuel is needed to heat the same amount of water. Cooling towers can also scale up and corrode, but left untreated, the warm, dirty water they can contain will encourage bacteria to grow, and Legionnaires' disease can be the fatal consequence.


Coagulation is the chemical water treatment process used to remove solids from water, by manipulating electrostatic charges of particles suspended in water. This process introduces small, highly charged molecules into water to destabilize the charges on particles, colloids, or oily materials in suspension. Selecting the right coagulant for a system will enhance overall system performance, and particularly improve solids removal efficiency by enhancing filter and clarifier performance.

Flocculation aids

Flocculation aids are substances that are used to increase flocculation. Flocculants are used in combination with flocculants wherever solid-liquid separation is required. They accelerate the sedimentation or flotation of suspended solid particles and decisively improve the dewatering behavior of the sludge thickened in this way in static or mechanical dewatering processes. The flocculation that leads to sedimentation is used in drinking water purification as well as in waste water, rainwater and industrial waste water treatment.

Activated carbons

The most common uses of activated carbon worldwide are in the treatment of process water, industrial and commercial wastewater, and for use in air and odor control. Activated charcoal is made from a variety of carbonaceous raw materials - including coconut shells, peat, hardwood and softwood, lignite and more. By converting to activated carbon, carbonaceous feedstocks have the ability to effectively clean and remove a variety of contaminants from water and wastewater streams.

Corrosion inhibitor

Industrial water treatment processes are complex and require tailored additives to ensure optimal performance and prevent potentially harmful consequences such as scale formation or corrosion. Corrosion can take many forms including pitting, uniform metal loss, bimetallic, galvanic, or microbiologically induced (MIC) corrosion. With modern corrosion inhibitors, water utilities can maintain high flow rates and ensure long-lasting efficiency in their water treatment plants.

Discover our Salt Products

Salt products by MCAS

Industry - Food - Feed - Pharma

Sodium chloride plays an important role in industrial use. Depending on the application, different additives are added and the salt is precisely tailored to the respective area of ​​application. In general, a distinction is made according to the type of use between industrial salt as a raw material in the chemical industry, de-icing salt for winter road maintenance, commercial salt for a wide variety of industrial and commercial purposes and table salt for human consumption.

Industrial salt

Our industrial salts are indispensable in a wide variety of industries. Areas of application for our commercial salts include the textile industry, tanneries and dye works. They are also used in the automotive industry, in water treatment and in agriculture (feed additive). Our regeneration salts, on the other hand, are often used in water softening, both in industry and in private households.

Table salt

Table salt is the sodium chloride required for human nutrition. It consists mainly of sodium chloride with an extraneous salt content of 1-3%. Purified, refined salt is mainly offered on the market. Table salt also serves as a flavor carrier and preservative, as well as a carrier for additives such as iodine and fluorine. It is the most consumed mineral in the human diet and plays an important role in water balance, the nervous system, digestion and bone formation.

De-icing salt

Conventional road salt is the most common road salt. There are three types of salt that differ in how they are extracted: vacuum salt, rock salt and sea salt. Evaporated salt is fine road salt that is extremely harmful to the environment due to the extraction process. If this salt is not spread in combination with brine, it will evaporate quickly because it is particularly fine and dry. The extraction of sea salt, on the other hand, is environmentally friendly. Its grains are coarser, giving the salt a longer-lasting effect. De-icing salt has an optimal ratio of fine and coarse salt, which provides an excellent de-icing result.

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Use our advice on our products and services

MCAS is your partner for all aspects of the chemical industry. As a full-range supplier, we offer you an extensive portfolio for a wide variety of industrial sectors such as the textile industry, plastics and metal processing, drinking and waste water treatment, electroplating and much more. Our team not only offer the best chemicals and products, but also have the expertise to ensure you get the perfect solution for your unique needs.

Mcas offers a portfolio of products and systems designed to effectively meet our customers' needs and challenges.

If you would like to learn more about us, or to discuss your needs in more detail, please contact our MCAS team. We're here to help.